Refinishing Our New Old Storm Door

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It’s door day! I went to start writing about our new old front doors and realized the article was just too long when I included both doors! So I’m splitting it up! This post is all about refinishing our new old storm door.

And you can find the post with details on refinishing our other front door HERE!

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Finding a Our New Old Storm Door

If you remember we bought an inexpensive slamming screen door when we first moved in last Fall. It didn’t hold up well to the wind and the cats lol! Plus I wanted something a bit more aesthetically pleasing. So I started researching old farmhouse front doors and and storm doors. And I fell in love with the 8 paned style!

We found this old door at a store in STL called Refab back in February. We literally walked around the corner of the door section and there she was! The door was in great shape and almost a perfect fit size wise. So for $90 she came home with us!

Refinishing Our New Old Storm Door

Refinishing the Door

I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to strip or paint the door since we were still looking for the perfect exterior door to go behind it. Even though we got lucky finding the storm door is was difficult to track down one that would look right and be the right size. Then one day when I was out in the barn I noticed a few old doors in one of the rooms. I grabbed a tape measure knowing that if there was one I liked that was the right size or too big we might just be in business! And I struck gold! I can’t wait for you to see it in the other door article!

Finding that door solidified that I would be painting this one, which is what I was leaning towards anyway 🙂

Refinishing Our New Old Storm Door

Modifying the Old New Storm Door

Ed did have to trim down the width of the door a bit. He also had to switch the hardware so that the knob was on the outside and the cutie little lever was on the inside 😉

Painting the Old New Storm Door

I painted the old new storm door Champlain by Fusion Mineral Paint. It’s one of my favorite colors by them! If you remember it’s the same color I painted the sink in our old bathroom.

You can see that article HERE!

It’s a very neutral off-white and I love how it turned out! Since Fusion Mineral requires no prep, I already had some on hand, and the coverage is awesome this was an easy project! After I was done painting it I sealed it with clear furniture wax by Miss Mustard Seed, which I also had on hand.

Refinishing Our New Old Storm Door

Refinishing Our New Old Storm Door

I love love love how the new old storm door looks! It feels like it’s always been here! If you notice you can actually put a behind the panes and then remove them, which we definitely plan on doing because who doesn’t like letting the fresh air in, right? 😉

I hope you’re having a great day! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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