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Repurposing an Old Cupboard into a Media Center

Hi there!

I’m excited to share an amazing piece of old furniture I found! I’ve been looking for an old primitive piece like this for a REALLY long time! So long, in fact we were starting to draw up plans to build our own. But I’m so glad I held out a little longer for this beauty!

I found it on the Facebook Marketplace. It could just be our area, but I’ve been luckier on there than Craigslist, especially lately. Another thing I like about the marketplace is the fact that you can “see” who the seller is, which makes it seem less sketchy 😉 I knew it would be a tight fit in this space so I measured 3 times before we went after her just to be sure haha! We did have to drive about an hour for this cabinet/cupboard but it was well worth the drive!

All Kinds of Lovely!

When we picked it up it was in a barn and the lighting wasn’t great but I had my fingers crossed that this chippy white paint would be perfect as is and it was! Nothing beats authentically chippy layers of paint! All I had to do was clean it up really good, get all the loose paint off, and then seal it with furniture wax. When doing this I wore a safety mask in case any of it’s chippy layers were lead based.

I also love that just this one side is green and chippy! And that it’s glass knobs aren’t even 🙂 Imperfections like this make me happy for some reason haha! I feel that’s where the character comes in and this quirky piece is full of it!

Making a Media Center 

The whole reason I was wanting an old cupboard was to repurpose an into a media center aka hide our TV and all the electronic things 😉 When we got everything in there and closed those doors I was SO happy!

To turn it into a media center Ed had to cut out the inside top shelf and drill a hole through the bottom one for the cords. You can kind of see the line where the other shelf sat. *Safety tip* When we’re cutting through old wood, especially old painted wood we always wear protective eye glasses and safety masks, again,  just in case of lead exposure.

Ed also cut a piece from the shelf we removed to set width wise at the top behind the green side so that you couldn’t see the boards I have stacked for the decor items to sit on up there 😉


Repurposing an old cupboard into a media center was a fairly simple transformation in this case, once we got in the house that is! I almost forgot to mention it took Ed, my brother, his friend, and me to get who we lovingly refer to as Big Bertha in the house! She’s quite heavy and at 60 inches wide and 70 tall so not too small either! Lol! But she’s home now and we love her! Also, why do I always refer to my furniture piece as female? Ha!

Hope your summer is full of all kinds of exciting finds and treasures too!


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