Reupholstered Farmhouse Chair

Hello hello!

About 2 months ago I started scheming up some design changes for our living room, which included some new furniture. I was ready to say goodbye to the leather recliner! Ha! But I had the idea of getting a reupholstered farmhouse chair to put in its place.

The Chair in My Head

Of course I knew exactly what I was looking for it was just a matter of finding it, always the tricky part. This can sometime be a waiting game & it’s hard to be patient when you’re ready for that right perfect piece!

I wanted a chair that was a bit oversized & comfy, preferably with an ottoman. I also knew I wanted it to have some wood details.

The Search

When I’m searching for a specific piece of furniture I check local shops frequently or put the word out what I’m looking for. I also have several shops that are outside my local area whom I’m follow on Facebook. I usually message them too. But personally I have the most luck on Craigslist or the Marketplace feature on Facebook & I try to check them almost daily.

Marketplace Adventures

I ended up finding this chair on the Marketplace & it was about an hour away. But that’s not the whole story lol! It ended up being the worst Marketplace ordeal I’ve ever encountered! I arranged to pick the chair up on a Saturday morning & when I got to the residence where I was told to go no one was there. I drove around for a bit & went back but no one ever showed up or answered my messages so I went home empty-handed. I was SO bummed!

The chair was perfect! It was exactly what I had envisioned in the space! Then out of no where 2 weeks later the seller contacted me again & explained the unforeseen circumstances that had occurred. They agreed to meet me halfway this time, & even though Ed said I shouldn’t (because he didn’t know how long & hard I had looked for this chair!) I went & met them. All was good I got the chair for $40!


Anyway here’s what it looked like before being reupholstered. We set it there just long enough to snap a few pics because it was quite smelly haha! But it had excellent bones!

Reupholstering a Chair

This was the first time I had anything reupholstered so I did some research on costs because you have to know if it’s custom it’s gonna cost ya! Also the chair is big on it’s own but the ottoman is a good size too. I took the chair to a local upholstery shop & they were able to look at it & give me an estimate. They told me it would cost between $300-$400. I saved some money by ordering the material myself from

Fabric Choices 

These are the 3 sample pieces of fabric I ordered. You probably aren’t the least bit surprised I went with a ticking fabric are ya? I ended up choosing the one on the left, pictured below. I liked that it had the extra detail in the ticking stripe & thought it would really add to the texture of the chair.

It’s from Magnolia Home Fashions line & is called Berlin Ticking Stripe in Black. So for fabric & all it cost right at $350

A Brand New Chair

The chair turned out so much better that I could have even imagined! Seriously I’m a bit obsessed! It’s the perfect combo of old and new! And even though I had to wait 6 weeks to get it was worth the wait!

Reupholstered Farmhouse Chair

The reupholstered farmhouse chair ended up being totally worth the headache the search, cost, and wait! It adds such a soft interest & texture to that corner. I love that it feels old but still new & fresh & lends so well to the french cottage farmhouse style. This reupholstered farmhouse chair is definitely my new favorite reading spot!

You got a sneak peek of our new sofa too! I’ll be doing a post & review about it soon! But I finally feel like our living room is coming along & I’m so glad I get to share it with you! You can read all about our coffee table HERE!

Thanks you so much for being here! It means the world to me!

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