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Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

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If you’re considering adding a unique and versatile breed of duck to your flock, look no further than the incredible Runner Ducks. In this article we’ll discuss Runner Ducks: benefits and care tips. Known for their upright and slender posture, these captivating waterfowl possess an array of exceptional qualities that make them a favorite among duck enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the benefits of having Runner Ducks as well as provide valuable insights into their care requirements. Plus you’ll get to meet our fawn and white cuties: Iris, Violet, Tulip, and Reed!

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Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Duck Benefits

  1. Versatile Foragers: Runner Ducks are renowned for their exceptional foraging abilities. With their upright stance and slender body, they possess a unique walking or “runner” gait that sets them apart from other duck breeds. This characteristic enables them to efficiently forage in gardens, orchards, or vineyards without causing much damage to plants. These ducks have a natural instinct to search for pests, insects, slugs, and snails, making them excellent pest controllers in your yard or garden.
  2. Efficient Egg Layers: Besides their foraging prowess, Runner Ducks are also prolific layers. Although they may not lay as many eggs as some specialized laying breeds, they still produce a respectable number of eggs throughout the year. On average, a healthy Runner Duck can lay approximately 180 to 220 large-sized eggs annually. These eggs are not only delicious but are also prized for their bright white color and excellent baking properties.
  3. Entertaining Personalities: One of the standout features of Runner Ducks is their charming and entertaining personalities. They are highly active and curious birds, always on the move and exploring their surroundings. Observing their synchronized “runner” gait as they navigate the yard or paddling in a pond is a delight for both children and adults. Their playful and inquisitive nature makes them a great source of entertainment and a wonderful addition to any backyard or farm.
  4. Low Maintenance: Runner Ducks are relatively low maintenance compared to other poultry species. They are hardy and adaptable, capable of withstanding various climates. Due to their slender build, they are less prone to health issues commonly associated with heavier breeds. Their strong foraging instincts also reduce the need for extensive feeding, as they can supplement their diet with insects and plants they find during their foraging expeditions.

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Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Care Tips for Runner Ducks

To ensure the well-being and happiness of your Runner Ducks, here are some essential care tips to consider!

Runner Duck Shelter

Provide a secure and predator-proof shelter for your ducks to protect them from the elements and potential predators. A coop or a dedicated duck house with ample space for them to move around comfortably is ideal. After ours were out of the brooder box and it was warm enough I transitioned them outside. First into a small chicken tractor we made. . Then they graduated to their own section of the chicken run. Now at 6 weeks they’re in the run with our younger chickens during the day and have their own spot in the coop at night.


Runner Ducks have a natural affinity for water. Offer them a shallow, clean water source such as a pond, pool, or large container where they can swim and clean themselves. I found that a paint tray worked well for them to enjoy water play while they were very young.

Runner Duck Diet

A balanced diet is essential for the health of your ducks. Feed them a commercial waterfowl feed or a mix of grains and pellets specifically formulated for ducks. Supplement their diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and forage to promote their natural foraging behavior. Ours particularly love peas!

Healthcare for Runner Ducks

Regularly inspect your ducks for signs of illness or injury. Keep their living area clean and dry to prevent the buildup of bacteria or parasites.

Social Interaction

Runner Ducks are social animals and thrive when they have companionship. Consider keeping at least two ducks together to prevent loneliness and promote their overall well-being. We started with 3 ducks (females) and one drake (male).

Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

The Runner Duck Breed: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Ducks: Benefits and Care Tips

Runner Ducks are a unique and versatile breed of duck that offers a myriad of benefits to their owners. From their efficient foraging skills and excellent egg production to their entertaining personalities, these ducks are a joy to have in any backyard or farm. With proper care and attention to their needs, Runner Ducks can provide years of companionship, entertainment, and practical benefits to any poultry enthusiast. We’re head over heels for these babies and hope you enjoyed meeting them too! Let me know if you have any questions!

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