Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Hey y’all!

I’ll be beginning the switch to Christmas decor and sharing some fun DIY Christmas projects with ya in the next few weeks, but before I do that I wanted to share some simple Thanksgiving home decor with ya!

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Thanksgiving Decor in the Kitchen/Entryway

This side of our kitchen also currently serves as our main entry to the farmhouse. It’s also one of my favorite places to switch our decor that also serves a purpose. The peg rail shelves have been such a fun way to display pretty things we also use!

You can see how I built these peg rail shelves HERE!

I love layering decor to create depth by using simple, often vintage, everyday items. I simply swapped out a couple things and added this vintage turkey print on the right and this sweet harvest garland on the left.

You can find the harvest garland, along with so many others HERE!


Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor


Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Shopping this Kitchen Look

Tractor SupplyAmber Bottles

I’ll try to link all the items, or those comparable, from this area here!

You can find some amber bottles HERE!


Turkey Print

Comparable vintage turkey print linked HERE!


Here’s a link to the shop our wallpaper mural is from too! 

Linen Apron

One linen apron option linked HERE!

And HERE’s one more that’s a tie around the waist style!

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor


Living Room Thanksgiving Decor

The only thing I really switched in this room is the coffee table decor. I added some mums to a few of my vintage crock collection.

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Shopping the Living Room Look


Linking some items I’m asked about frequently in this room from the ceiling down 😉 Let me know if you need a link for something I missed!

You can find our chandelier HERE!

And see how I modified it a bit HERE!

Throw Pillows

These gorgeous plaid pillow covers are linked HERE!

You can find more about our throw pillows HERE!

Vintage Crocks

Linking some crocks HERE!

And more HERE!


Here’s the link to my favorite jute rug ever!

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

Simple Thanksgiving Home Decor

I hope you enjoyed this simple Thanksgiving home decor. It’s hard to know what the holidays will look like around here this year, and I know that is true for many. After we wrap up the bedroom this week we had been planning to turn our focus back to the downstairs flooring, but being so close to the holidays we shall see 😉 Either way I have some fun smaller DIY projects holiday and otherwise planned. And one thing is for sure though home feels more important that ever this season 🙂

Have an amazing day, take care, and thank you so much for stopping by the blog!


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