Simple Transitional Fall Decor

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Although we are under yet another heat advisory this Summer, I’m ready to add some simple transitional Fall decor! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Spring/Summer girl through and through. I love warmth and green! However, since this year has been HOT and miserably humid I am really looking forward to some cooler temps! So for now I’m just going to pretend and hopefully the weather will jump on board lol!

I’ll link some products along the way and you can also find them all at the bottom of this post along with some relevant articles!

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Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

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Living Room Transitional Decor

Tractor SupplyHydrangea

Dried hydrangeas make a perfect transitional floral! I like to add some to each room to keep a cohesive feeling throughout our home. Can you believe I dried these out 3 years ago?! To dry them I put the freshly cut stems of the hydrangea into a vase with about an inch of water or so. Then I simply left them alone to dry out! After I’m done using them I store them in a garbage bag so they don’t get too smushed. Then I tie the top and hang it on a hook in our basement.

I love baskets for all seasons but this big vintage buttock basket full of hydrangeas just makes me smile. Click on the images below to shop them!

Pillows and Blankets

Swapping out a few throw pillows and adding some cozy knit or patterned blankets is a sure way to welcome Fall! I bought these last year and will link them and a few similar options I love below!


Every season I say this and I probably always will haha! But a great and simple way to make your entire home “feel” like the season is through scent! It’s a seriously powerful thing y’all! Antique Candle Co has rolled out some amazing new Fall scents this year including the Vanilla Bean pictured below! It’s SO good!! I also love their Apple Pickin as a transitional scent because it’s sweet and fruity, but also a little bit of warm spice vibes.

Linking them HERE for ya!

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Kitchen Transitional Fall Decor

Amber Bottles and Hydrangeas

I added some amber bottles to our kitchen open shelving. They add so much warmth! Alongside them I also added some hydrangea. I found some vintage amber bottles on Esty, but I also found some that you could use after Fall 😉 Linked below!

The first pumpkin to make it’s appearance is in the form of a tea towel 😉 And below you can see our eat in table where I bunched up a fabric sample that has a small light brown floral pattern on it. Then added some crocks with hydrangea in them too.

Ps. We’ll be starting on the staircase again soon! I cannot wait!! Click on the images below to shop them!

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

Simple Transitional Fall Decor

It feels good to be excited about the changing seasons and looking forward to the holidays this year. If I’m being very honest I haven’t really felt that way since moving here. Living in a fixer upper is mentally challenging and when your doing all the renovations yourself, while extremely rewarding, it’s also overwhelming. It’s hard to want to decorate rooms that are under construction or haven’t been touched yet.

BUT we’ve made some awesome progress inside and out this year with lots more to come, including the guest room upstairs that I’m currently working on! I’ll update you on it soon! I’ve also spent a lot of time the past few months going through some personal healing and working on my mental health, which is why I haven’t been here as much. I’ll be sharing that part of my health journey here soon too.

I hope you enjoy this transitional Fall decor post and that you’re able to embrace the changing seasons in your home too. I’ll link all the products and kitchen blog posts at the bottom!

Thank you for stopping by the blog today! So much love!

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