This Week at the Farm 10: A New Normal

Hi friend!

This past week was difficult. So much scary information coming in, and yet the unknown is what I find the scariest. It has felt like a roller coaster of emotions as one ton of bricks after another hit ending the week with a a shelter in place order here in Illinois. This is not how I imagined my last school year to go or the beginning of a new career path to feel.

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Tractor SupplyStay Positive and Take Care!

But despite those things I’ve making a very conscious decision focus on the good and make the most of this hand we’ve all been dealt. The way we choose to handle this situation will make all the difference both now and after the dust has settled.

That being said I also think it’s important to allow yourself to process the information and emotions that follow it. Take time to rest and practice some self care. Last week I felt like I was floundering in information and since I didn’t really have a plan for being home not much was accomplished, which is fine except it left a lot of time to think and wonder and worry.

This Week at the Farm 10: A New Normal

You can find our kitchen island details HERE!

And our barstool details HERE!

Creating a Routine

So yesterday I spent some time creating a schedule for myself as if this is it and I’ll be working from home from here on out. Nothing has been officially decided when/if school will resume and dangling in that place in between is not where I want to spend anymore time mentally.

I like routine. I like waking up with a plan and a purpose. And I also wanted to include some health focused habits into my new routine from the get go. So here’s a little glimpse into what my days will look like:

Daily Schedule


◦ Wash/moisture face

◦ Drink yeti of water

◦ Yoga

◦ Meditate/journal


◦ Makeup/Hair

◦ Coffee/breakfast snack/farm babes

◦ Check Blog


◦ IG


◦ emails

◦ eat lunch/drink yeti

◦ Blog


◦ Work on afternoon project/create content

◦ Drink yeti

◦ Farm babes

◦ IG

◦ Research/plan

◦ Housework

◦ Dinner

◦ Downtime

A New Normal

I didn’t want to bore you with all the details so I just shared the basics. But it honestly made me feel better writing it out, and of course I can tweak it as I go. 

You can also find more in my health goals and meal ideas HERE!

There are a ton of things we can’t control right now, but we can control our response to the situation and again try to make the most of it. No matter what your circumstances are if you’ll be staying home for a bit I highly recommend making a schedule for yourself. I think it helps bridge that gap between our normal before and what will be our new normal. It can be as detailed or broad as you like! Oh and be sure and schedule breaks/downtime/fun for yourself too! 

This Week at the Farm 10: A New Normal

Here on the Blog!

Last week I did share our spring styled living room and 5 ways to welcome spring in your home. Lots of other bloggers joined me sharing all kinds of springtime goodness! It’s a great positive distraction if you’re looking for one! 

You can find that article HERE!

Projects Coming Up

Over the next couple weeks we’re going to be working on things we already have the supplies here for. Lucky for us there’s a ton of things to do! Never thought I’d be so grateful for our fixer upper in that way ha!

I am working on the beadboard staircase wall and I’ve been showing that progress on Instagram in stories. I also saved it to my highlights under ‘Staircase’. Then I’ll also be finally painting our kitchen this week!

It’s also the perfect time for a good spring clean! What kinds of things are you finding to do during this time?

This Week at the Farm 10: A New Normal

Stay Home!

No matter what you do please stay home! It’s so important right now! It’s what we have to do and really the only thing we can do.

Sending you all kinds of hugs and love! If you need me I’ll be here!

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