This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside

Hi there!

This week at the farm has been weird. I’m struggling to settle into a new normal here, because let’s be honest nothing feels normal. Everyday is different. Some days I’m okay and ready to tackle projects and write. Others I feel overwhelmed and anxious. So before we jump in to the “normal” stuff I’d like to ask how you’re doing? This is a time to check in on each other. You and this blog are a big part of my life and I hope you know I’m keeping you in my thoughts during this uncertain time.

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Painting the Farmhouse Kitchen

Tractor SupplyWhat We’ve Been Up To!

Okay so now let’s jump in to some lighter topics! This past week at the farm I painted the kitchen! We still have a lot of plans for this kitchen! We’ll be remodeling it gradually, as with everything else around here 😉 And right now new cabinets and countertops aren’t ranking high on the priority list ha! But giving it a fresh coat of paint, since it actually had never even been painted, really brightened up the room!

All the paint details, links, information, and video where you can see some

unique dance moves curtesy of myself are linked HERE! 😉

This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside

Raven checking on our barn progress from the loft! Lol!

What’s Coming Up – Property

With everything that’s going on we’ve decided to work on projects we already have material for on hand. This means that the staircase project will be put on hold. But the good news is there are tons of other things to do around here! Many that don’t require any materials at all, like cleaning up the property…yay! Lol!

We started cleaning out the barn this past weekend. I’ll share some progress pictures with ya soon. We have 5 buildings on the property. All of which need work inside and out. And all of which are full to the brim with the previous owners stuff. Oh and obviously our stuff is in there too so yep it’s a mess! Lol!

All the buildings also have lots of trash, bricks, wood, sheets of metal, and lots and lots of giant chunks of concrete (just to name a few things) laying around them. So the goal is to get that that cleaned up before the weeds reclaim those areas., which is what had already happened long before we bought the farm last summer.

What’s Coming Up – Farmhouse

While we’ll still continue to do smaller aesthetic projects inside the farmhouse this spring. Aka the staircase, front doors, and floors. We’ll also be continuing to work on the house’s basic maintenance and efficiency. An 1800s fixer upper farmhouse that has been though different periods of renovation and neglect has a lot of issues.

And while doing things like:

  • removing the siding to wrap the house
  • blowing foam insulation into all the nooks and crannies
  • switching out insulated all the electrical boxes
  • burying gutters so they run further away from the house
  • the overall battle to keep the basement dry is a whole other separate list haha!

aren’t the most fun things to do they will be our focus while the weather is nice. They’re also the things that are truly the most important as we move forward on this fixer upper journey!

This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside

Preparing for Farm Babies

We’ll be picking up the babies that will be joining the farm crew in early May. Preparing for their arrival has been such a bright spot in my days and I’m so grateful to have something to look forward to. I hope you feel the same way! I cannot wait for you to meet them!! Of course I’ll be sharing them here before anywhere else!!

We’ll also be setting up a pasture for them. And I’ll share more details on that later along with the barn progress post!

Farm Babes

Speaking of farm babes, life sure would be less sweet without our crew! They keep us laughing, entertained, and snuggled all day! So I thought I would start a little series where each week I feature one of them each week. I also wanted to mention that if you’ve ever thought about fostering or adopting a fur babe, now with extra time home, might be the perfect time 😉

This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside

This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside

The reason I titled the article This Week at the Farm 11: Get Outside is because I think it is extra important to take care of ourselves both mentally and physically right now. I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time outside. Nothing is healing like spending time outdoors.

Take a walk, bring your coffee outside in the morning, or just sit and breath in the fresh air for a few minutes in the afternoon. I swear it completely changes my outlook 🙂 Oh and as you can see from the picture above we took our first springtime evening ride on the backroads around the farm this week too, which makes Ed extra happy 🙂 We’ve also been lucky enough to get a couple of warmer sunny days to open the windows and air out the farmhouse!

Stay safe, healthy, and try to stay positive my friend!

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