This Week at the Farm 16: Lambs, Chicks, Garden


Well I think this week at the farm title kinda speaks for itself! Lambs, chicks, and garden oh my! Lol! Spring has sprung her eat Midcounty Farm! Come see what we’ve been up to and what we have planned!

This Week at the Farm 16: Lambs, Chicks, Garden

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What We’ve Been Up To

We got our farm babies! In case you somehow missed our sweet new farm babies you can check them out HERE! We are just smitten with these darling babydoll sheep! I’ll be sharing more about them later this week!

We’ve also still been making slow steady progress with the property cleanup! Maybe not the most exciting thing but man does it feel good!

This Week at the Farm 16: Lambs, Chicks, Garden

What’s Coming Up

The next couple weeks will be extra busy and exciting around here! We’re getting some baby chicks! Don’t worry I’ll share them with ya as soon as we bring them home! And I’ll be building some raised garden beds and getting our garden started!

I’ll also be sharing the reveal of the barn stable – sheep included 😉 and how the pasture fencing turns out after I finish painting the posts!

And I believe we’ll have a couple rainy days in there too. So I’m thinking that’s when I’ll tackle the chair cushion cover. After we get a few more things done outside we’ll be shifting focus back inside the farmhouse again. I’m ready to get the staircase finished and get started on our flooring!

This Week at the Farm 16: Lambs, Chicks, Garden

Have I planned too much? Always always always! Haha! I’m an over planner, but I’m just embracing it and we’ll get as much done as we get done, right? 😉 But I’m excited to be making these smalls steps towards being more self sufficient and self-sustaining. It’s always been our goal to turn this little piece of land into a homestead and I’m excited to share how we’ve been planning and mapping it all out!

I’m curious is being self sufficient something you’re interesting in? Or are  you feeling the need to look into it a bit with everything going on?

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