This Week at the Farm 18: Inside and Out

Hey there!

And welcome to this week at the farm 18: inside and out! I’m excited to catch you up on things you’ve missed this week as well as let ya know what’s coming up!

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What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been doing lots of projects outside for the last month of so but still have SO many more to do! As you may or my not know the property was unexpectedly left to us still completely full of the previous owners things. Aka mounds and piles of junk inside and around all the buildings.

We moved into the farmhouse in the fall and had to focus on making it livable so the property and buildings had to wait. This has put us several months behind where we thought we’d be already and then enter the virus, which has made our budget even tighter. But I have found that this has made it even more important to plan and dream about all the things we want to do her at the farm and to keep chipping away at projects as we can. The situation has also made me reprioritize and  be more creative and resourceful moving forward.


All this being said it was essential that we get the barn and pasture ready for our lambs.

You can find the barn article HERE! It underwent quite the transformation!

You can find the inexpensive and resourceful route went for the pasture HERE!

You can meet those sweet little lambs who made it all worth it HERE!

And learn more about their breed and our plans for our little flock HERE!


I also made time to get our garden started this year because it feels important to be able to grow our own food and be a little more self-sufficient.

You can see exactly how I built them, what I used to fill them, and what I planted in them HERE!


We also got chicks so that we can start having farm fresh eggs. They were only a couple days old when we got them, which is perfect for us because they’ll need to live in a brooder box for awhile. This way we have time to get the chicken coop fixed up for them. They’re doing great by the way 😉

You can meet our chicks and see where they came from HERE!

This Week at the Farm 18: Inside and Out

What’s Coming Up

Now that you’re all caught up 😉 let’s talk about what’s coming up! I actually sat down this week and came up with a list of projects inside and out.


We made a lot of progress on the new old front doors this weekend! We’re replacing the yucky front door with a new old original to the house door! I’m SO excited about this one! It’s located just to the right of the photo below 😉

Bedroom and Flooring

I’m also going to start working on our bedroom upstairs! Whoo hoo! We’ll be making a few simple changes to the kitchen and then I’ll be pulling up ALL the flooring downstairs to reveal the original wood floors! This is going to be a long labor intensive process. There are green tiles glued to the original wood floors, but of course that’s under 2 other layers of flooring. Don’t worry we sent in the tiles for aesbestos testing and we’re in the clear!

I’ll be exposing those floors in the kitchen, living room, and what is our current bedroom downstairs. I’ve heard horror stories about this process and how difficult the black mastic glue is to remove, but I’m gonna give it a go anyway because I think it will be worth it! However, I reserve the right to change my mind on this at any time lol!

Staircase, Kitchen Windows

And hopefully we’ll be able to finish the opened staircase soon. We’ll also be replacing one window in the kitchen that hasn’t been replaced yet and adding window moldings back to both of the kitchen windows!

Chicken Coop and Property

We’ll also be revamping the chicken coop pictured below. It’s in a sad state of neglect but has great bones! We’ll be cleaning it up, repairing the walls, replacing the roof, and pouring a new floor. Then later we’ll be making a nice outdoor chicken play yard area in front of it. We’ll also be getting a dumpster and going through all the out buildings soon. I CANNOT wait to get rid of all the things!!!

This Week at the Farm 18: Inside and Out

This Week at the Farm 18: Inside and Out

This Week at the Farm 18: Inside and Out

Okay that ‘what’s coming up’ list was exhausting just to write lol! It’s obviously not all going to get done this week lol things will be done as the weather and budget permits. But I’m excited for all that’s to come and grateful to have the time and determination to do most of it myself. I also want and hope y’all are excited for what’s to come! Plus telling ya holds me a bit more accountable 😉

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! It means the world to me!

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