This Week at the Farm 19: Happy Memorial Day!

Hey there!

Happy Memorial Day from the farm! This week at the farm has been a good one! Let me catch ya up and share what next week will bring!

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What We’ve Been Up To

Tractor SupplyNew Old Doors

We got one new old door hung! Yay! And we’ll be working on the second one today. As always it’s a challenge making changes to an old home and the doors have been no exception. I painted the one you see here, but we’re stripping the other to reveal it’s natural beauty.

I’ll be sharing all the details on this project as soon as it’s done, but I’m already loving this new storm door!

This Week at the Farm 19: Happy Memorial Day

Property Cleanup

The property cleanup feels endless. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it lol! This week I worked on cleaning up the area where the potting shed used to be. We had to tear it down before we closed on the farm because it was in such poor condition. Left behind were a lot of bricks, trash, and few treasures 😉 I’ll share the “after” of this area once we get the dirt leveled out.

You can see what the property looked like when we bought the farm HERE!

Other Articles From the Week


I also shared some healthy easy recipes this week and you can find them and a bit about my health journey HERE!

I’ll be sharing more about recipes and information on how I’ve lost over 40lbs soon!

Memorial Day Sales!

I also shared some of my favorite patio furniture and decor Memorial Day sales HERE!

I literally NEED all these things lol! And I can’t wait to have more outdoor spaces to enjoy here at the farm!


This Week at the Farm 19: Happy Memorial Day

What’s Coming Up

We plan on moving what’s left after the cleanup, which is basically a pile of dirt, in front of the chicken coop pictured below. So next I’ll be cleaning up chicken coop area, which will be their play yard. Then we can move the dirt and start working on the chicken coop itself. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m excited to make them a nice home!

This Week at the Farm 19: Happy Memorial Day

This Week at the Farm 19: Happy Memorial Day

All the farm babies are doing so well! The chicks are growing and starting to get lots of feathers! The lambs are feeling more comfortable and at home. They run through the pasture kicking up their heels. They also love being scratched and loved on now which has my heart so full 🙂

I hope you have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day remembering those who gave all so that we may be free 🙂

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