This Week at the Farm: 2

Hello friend!

And welcome to this week at the farm: 2! This is obviously the second week of this series where I catch ya up on everything we’ve been doing throughout the week at the farm and let ya know what’s coming next!

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Tractor SupplyLiving Room’s Purpose

This week we finally moved the big media cabinet out of the living room and placed it in the dining room/sunroom. We kept our TV and all our gaming devices and DVDs in it, but never hooked anything up in here because we had decided not to put a TV in the living room. We made this decision for two reasons. 1. We didn’t watch TV that much before anyway so why not. 2. Also we wanted to create a different lifestyle when we moved. Less screen time and more quality time with each other in the evenings.

I’m not going to say we sit in here and do puzzles and play games every night – life is busy. But we definitely do more often than at the other house so it feels like a win and hopefully it will become more and more of a habit.

This Week at the Farm: 2

Kitchen Wall

Progress on the wall in the kitchen has been slow as a result of an extra busy week. But we’ll be wrapping it up soon and I can’t wait for y’all to see what a difference it’s made in the look and function of our kitchen! I also grabbed another white sample paint color and am in LOVE with it! I just wasn’t 100% happy with the SW Pure White in this room after putting a couple sample swatches up.

After I paint a bigger section of the kitchen and live with it for a day or so I’ll let ya know what it is and if it’s the one!

Note: my cute supervisor aka Finn aka momma Finn! Since moving to the farm I’ve noticed Finn is the mother hen and keeps all the other fur babes in line ha!

This Week at the Farm: 2

What’s Cooking?

We’ve had our new Hallman range for 3 months now and are still completely in love with it! Both the steam basins and rotisserie have made healthy eating easy and faster than before too! We’ll be sharing some of our favorite healthy winter recipes with y’all soon!


I’m really getting the itch to figure out our flooring situation, especially in the kitchen! We’re waiting until a couple more small projects are done before we dive in, but we’re leaning towards trying to salvage all the original flooring that is buried beneath a few layers of other stuff! And then I’ll be doing something extra special in the kitchen wood floors! I’ll give ya a hint: it involves paint and a pattern 😉 More on this next week!

This Week at the Farm: 2

Around the Farm

Weather permitting I take daily walks with our little herd of 3 kittens and 3 pups. This is Luna the most independent and consequently mischievous kitten who’s usually stuck in a tree asking for assistance twice a week at least lol!

The weather is looking to get cold again next week but we’re hoping for a few more warm-ish days to get the property cleaned up this winter and then posts put in for the pasture in early spring. They will extend from the stock shed to the driveway and back to the middle of the red barn. We will also be creating a second pasture behind the chicken coop.

This Week at the Farm: 2

This Week at the Farm: 2

This Week at the Farm: 2

And that about sums up this week at the farm: 2! Coming soon – the kitchen wall DIY reveal, some living room decor updates, and our new front door! Oh and I’m deconstructing another chair soon! Yay!

Have a great week!

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