This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

Hey there!

Sorry I’ve been kinda quiet on here this last week. The state of our country and our world has kept my mind busy and my heart heavy. While project motivation has been harder to come by this lately I’ve also never been more grateful for our little corner of the world and the peace of farm life. 

We have continued to make slow steady progress here and sometimes in a fixer upper things look worse before they get better 😉 But I think we’ll be able to see the time and effort we’re pouring into this place soon! So let me catch you up on what we’ve been doing and what’s coming up. 

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What We’ve Been Up To

Tractor SupplyFarm Livin!

Since this is our first spring here we’re figuring out a schedule to keep up with property maintenance. It takes a full day (or a couple half days) of mowing and weed eating each week! We were laughing last week how we used to be able to do it in an afternoon at our old home haha! Don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t change it for the world but it does take up some of our time! 

I’m also working on getting my own routine down with the farm babes! It’s my favorite, but I never want to romanticize farming by showing sweet pictures and not mentioning all the work that goes on behind them. We love all our farm animals and work very hard to make sure we’re taking care of them to the best of our ability. To me this also means spending lots of time with them building trust. All our babies here are well loved!

Starting this week on Instagram @midcounty_journal and our YouTube Midcounty Journal channel I’ll be sharing a weekly video where I take you through what my day at the farm looks like 🙂  I hope you enjoy it!

This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

Babydoll Lambs

The lambs are doing great! Each week we give them a good once over. This week we weighted them, gave them all pedicures, and preventative meds. They’re definitely living up to our expectations as far as the breed goes too. They’re like little puppy dogs who follow me around for treats and affection 🙂 We’re still awaiting our ram lamb!

You can read more about these sweet babies here!


This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life


The chicks are also doing great and growing like weeds! I’ve started cleaning up the old original chicken coop, which I shared a picture of in last week’s farm update. And I’m excited we’ll be diving into that project this week!

I’ve been letting the chicks out everyday in a little play pen that we used for our little dog, Finn, when he was younger. They’re becoming tamer each day too but this little gal I’m holding loves to sit on my lap, and be held and pet! We’ve started picking out names for them and I’ll do an official introduction post soon 😉 but she is my sweet Louisa 🙂 

This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

Front Doors

We’ll be finally finishing up the front door this week. It has been a time consuming project y’all! But I think it will be 100% worth it! Stay tuned for that post coming soon! Below is a picture of the door moldings being stripped and the beautiful details it revealed!

This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

What’s Coming Up at the Farm

Articles that will be coming your way soon are the pasture fencing reveal. Our chainsaw broke so that has slowed down that project. I’ll also be sharing a front porch refresh for summer and some more outdoor inspiration with ya this week!

Then I do believe I’ll break down the chicken coop renovation into a series that shows it’s progress and then final reveal when we’re done. After that I’ll be turning my attention back to the farmhouse! This will include the staircase, our bedroom, the downstairs flooring, some changes in the kitchen! So excited! Hope you are too! 

This Week at the Farm 20: The Peace of Farm Life

And that about wraps up this week at the farm! So many things to look forward to and I truly hope our little farm brings you some joy and peace while we’re living in such uncertain times!

Take care and be kind!

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