This Week at the Farm: 7

Hey there!

It’s lucky number 7 of this series where I catch ya up on what we’ve done this week and what you can expect to see coming up soon! It’s been a fun and busy this week at the farm: 7!

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What We’ve Been Up to This Week

Last weekend we completely transformed our kitchen with this beautiful wallpaper mural! I documented it on the blog, including it’s source HERE and I also created a video where I share some first timers tips and tricks I learned along the way HERE!

We also moved some things around in the room that will eventually be our dining room/sunroom so I can use it as an indoor work space for the time being.


Ed and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this week too! 9 years! We’re so blessed! I do believe this might be the year we set a date to tie the knot 😉 Yep, we’re not married! Haha! Everyone assumes we are maybe because we’ve been together so long. We’re planning fun trip for our 10th, which may be just the perfect time to say “I do” 🙂 And I’m thinking a reception at the farm would be perfect! I’ll keep ya posted!

This Week at the Farm: 7

What’s Coming Up Soon

I’m hoping to make some changes to the big windows at the farmhouse this week that I’m pretty excited about! I’m also still working on our new old front doors, but they’re going to require a bit of modification to make them work.

I’ll be sharing our beautiful boxwood topiary with y’all this week too! Plus we started progress on the staircase. You can catch a glimpse of it and hear about our plans in the video HERE! We uncovered the beadboard pictured below that’s in front of the staircase and I’ll tell ya it was like finding treasure and now I’m even more excited about that project!

This Week at the Farm: 7

This Week at the Farm: 7

That about sums up the week! I hope your week was awesome and the coming week is even better!

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