This Week at the Farm: 8

Oh hey there!

That’s me! I haven’t shared my face here in a minute so I thought I should 😉 I hope y’all have had a great week! We had a busy weekend, which is why This Week at the Farm: 8 is coming to ya on a Monday instead of Sunday! Ha! I love weekends when we get to stay home and work on some things! Plus it was a week of fun little projects too!

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What We’ve Been Up To

Tractor SupplyBarstools!

This past week I found some awesome barstools on the Facebook Marketplace (you can read my tips about shopping the Marketplace for vintage HERE). I gave them a little makeover and shared that video HERE! I’m SO happy with how they turned out! Ed and I were laughing because our house has basically been furnished by the Marketplace lol!

This Week at the Farm: 8

Styling the Peg Rails!

I also styled the peg rail shelves! I had left them naked 😉 for a week or so just to enjoy the beautiful simplicity of them and the wallpaper, but I absolutely LOVE how they looked styled! You can watch the video of how I styled them HERE on my IGTV!

This Week at the Farm: 8

Front Doors!

I’m also still working on our front doors! I finished painting one, and am finally seeing some real progress stripping the other one. I think one more coat of Citristrip and then it’ll be ready to be sanded the rest of the way to natural wood.

Both doors will have to be cut down to fit and also have their hardware switched out AND put on the opposite side of where it currently is. So yep we still have a little ways to go but I’m so excited to see the impact they make!

This Week at the Farm: 8


I also blogged about how I changed the style of our windows in the farmhouse living room! You can read that article HERE! It was simple, inexpensive, and changed the whole room!


And then the big project we started to tackle this weekend is the staircase! Ed cut out the wall! If you watched THIS VIDEO (yes I’ve done a lot of videos lately! Haha!) then you saw that we actually found original beadboard behind the drywall! We were so excited!

So this weekend to kick off the project Ed cut out the beadboard above each stair and we’ll be leaving it on the wall below them! Opening the staircase instantly made the kitchen feel even bigger!

This Week at the Farm: 8

We’ll be replacing the treads and risers because they’re in such poor condition. And also because we would want the thread to have an overhang, which they obviously don’t because they butted up against the wall. Then we’ll be adding spindles, a railing, and newel posts!

We’ve been planning this project for awhile but we’ve also learned not to plan too much or purchase materials too far far ahead when working on an old house that often throws ya curve balls! Once you do some demo then you can problem solve as ya go!

Ed also got the sweet little under the stair closet door hung this weekend!

What’s Coming Up

The Property and Buildings

The staircase project will more than likely be one of the last big projects we work on inside before we turn our attention outside soon.

Ed has spending some time each weekend slowly chipping away at getting the property cleaned up, but pretty soon we’ll both be shifting focus out there to get it ready for farm babies this spring! I CANNOT wait!!!

A Mess

But if you’re new here or didn’t know, we “inherited” a property that is a mess. All the buildings are wall to wall full of things the previous owner left behind, and around all those buildings there are even more piles of things.

We took over the property in late summer and could only get a glimpse of what the overgrowth was hiding so we have to try and get as much cleaned up before the weeds take it back again. If you remember the farmhouse, especially the basement, was still very full of things when we moved in too.

This unexpected issue has been real problem for us in terms of time, and has already set us back several months of progress inside and out. But alas, we are trying to look on the bright side and hoping we can find some useful treasures as well as some things we can sell as we go through everything. And when we do we’ll definitely be sharing that process with y’all!

Doors, Staircase, Kitties, Spring Decor Blog Hop!

I’m hoping we make more progress with the doors this week as well as the staircase! The staircase will be a lot of work and done in stages so I’m not sure how I’ll be sharing that yet. More than likely I’ll break it up into it’s own series so it’s not too much on one article.

This Week at the Farm: 8

The kitties will all be getting spayed and neutered this week too so send some healing thoughts their way!

I’ll also be participating in a Spring Decor blog hop next week with some of my blogger buddies! So get ready for lots of spring decor ideas coming at ya!

This Week at the Farm: 8

Shew that was a lot to catch y’all up on! I hope you have a great week! And thank you SO much for stopping by the blog!


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