This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

Hey y’all!

I’m alive!! Haha! Last week was, well I think we all know how last week was. Lots of emotions as things have unfolded and progressed with COVID-19.

I know my emotions have run the gauntlet from stress, fear, and anxiety, to feeling very grateful for all the things we have. Namely family, friends, and a safe home to hunker down in!

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This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

Tractor SupplyWhat’s Been Going On Here

School has officially closed here and I’m feeling the uncertainty of that situation heavily, but have decided to focus on what I can control. Even though I wasn’t mentally prepared for this (no one was) I think it’s always so important to play the hand you’re dealt. And right now I’m going to use this as an opportunity to pursue blogging and my social media accounts full-time.

If you missed it I’ve been planning for this year to be my last teaching and was going to kickoff this new venture at the end of May. More details on that HERE! This may be but a glimpse into that for the next few weeks or there’s a very real possibility my last year teaching is already over. Such a strange feeling. But ready or not here we go into the unknown of this new adventure!

And that basically catches you up as to what’s been going on here this week at the farm: 9. Projects kinda came to a stand still. But if Ed gets some time off then they’ll be more than full steam ahead.

This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

Looking Ahead

One very exciting thing to look forward to is our farm babies!! All of whom have been born and are waiting for us to pick them up in May!! They are precious and I cannot wait for you to meet them!! Have I mentioned quarantined farm life is kinda wonderful! Social distancing check and check!

Also speaking of farm babes, the kitties have all recovered nicely from getting spayed and neutered! They bounced back so quick you really wouldn’t have known anything had happened!

This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time


We’ll be continuing with the front doors and staircase projects soon! Hoping to get the new old front doors hung possibly this weekend depending on how things shake out restricting us from getting supplies we may need. I’m definitely extra grateful for pickup and delivery services these days!

This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

Spring has Sprung!

As you can tell from the photos Spring is creeping in here at the farm and it’s pure magic watching and hearing the world come back to life! And I’ll be sharing some springtime inspiration with y’all tomorrow right here on the blog!

This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

This Week at the Farm 9: A Trying Time

I know you’re being flooded with information about our world crisis and while it’s important to stay up to date with everything I also hope my little corner of the internet is a happy place for you to retreat to.

Sending lots of love your way during this time! Take care of yourself and each other! It’s a time to be extra kind and extend grace to one another. We’re all in this together even if we have to stay apart ❤️

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