This Week at the Farm: A Hot One!

Hi friend!

This week at the farm is coming in hot (and late lol) and it was a hot one! It was a week where I wish I could have brought all the farm babies inside to cool off! Thank goodness we finally got a bit of a break on Sunday, which the sheep were extra grateful for! You can see them resting in the shade below. Anyway let’s catch up!

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This Week at the Farm: A Hot One!

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What We’ve Been Up To

Like I said last week was hot and much of it was spent inside. It kind of worked out though because I had a lot of computer work to do to get ready for our print launch last Friday! If you missed it I opened an online shop, Midcounty Market right here on the blog!

Right now I’m offering downloadable sheep prints for $5! I also plan to add more farm babe and farm scene prints soon! Plus other merchandise down the road! I’m so so excited about this and the feedback has been amazing! Y’all are wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for your support!

If you missed it you can learn all about the prints HERE! 

And HERE is a direct link to the shop’s page! 

This Week at the Farm: A Hot One!

Chicken Coop Progress

We did make some progress on the chicken coop but I’m hoping to make some more this week before I show y’all! 😉 But things are lookin pretty good! And the little chickies have been free ranging for almost 2 weeks now! We eased into it a couple afternoons here and there and worked up to them being out all day!

They’re loving it and we’re loving the pest patrol! Lol! They’ve slowly started venturing further and made it to the porch yesterday! I’ll share more about them when I give the next coop update including their names!

This Week at the Farm: A Hot One!

What’s Coming Up!

I have 2 fresh from the garden recipes coming soon! And after we wrap up the chicken coop this week I’ll be moving on to our bedroom! Whoo hoo! I cannot tell ya how excited I am about that!! Then we plan on finishing the staircase, and moving on to the downstairs flooring! Eeek! Oh and as always continuing the outside cleanup! Lol! Big dumpster coming soon!

This Week at the Farm: A Hot One!

I hope you’re having great summer! Even though it isn’t the summer we were hoping for in many ways we’re trying to make the best of it and enjoy spending some time relaxing, BBQing, and soaking up this beautiful country life! How’s your summer going so far?

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! Talk to ya soon!




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