This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

Hey there!!

It’s been a fun week at the farm! October feels like an old friend ❤️ I always feel there’s something special about this month. It ushers in all the beautiful changes that the season brings.

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Birthdays and Bonfires

October 1st is also my birthday and the blog’s birthday! Yay! We’ll be celebrating with our first bonfire at the farm this weekend! If you missed it we creating a fire pit area by building a brick fire pit and Adirondack chairs to go around it this week!

You can check out the DIY fire pit here!

And the DIY chairs here!

Cats and Porches

One year ago I was taking pictures of our Fall decorated porch with 3 tiny kittens we’d just adopted for my birthday 🥰 I can’t believe they’re already 1 year old! Our barn cats are excellent hunters and lap warmers 😂 Pictured at my feet is Raven who is my constant shadow ❤️

Tractor SupplyNo Pumpkins No Problem

This year I won’t be decorating our porch with pumpkins and mums. I’ve decided to use that budget for things that will last longer than a season 😉

So instead I’m going to give this porch a little makeover that was really inspired by this awesome antique ram dinner bell I found and just couldn’t pass up! Isn’t he amazing and just perfect for our farm?!

Stay tuned for the porch makeover!

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires


I also continued working on one of the upstairs bedrooms, which will be our room when I’m done! I spent a LOT of time prepping this room for paint. Aka caulking caulking caulking! Haha! I’ll explain more next week when she’s all painted, but we’re close!

If you’ve missed the bedroom progress so far you can find it HERE!

And see how I exposed the brick chimney HERE!

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

Farm Babes

All the farm babes are doing great! 🐑🐏🐈🐕🐓 Everyone is definitely enjoying the cooler weather! Ed and I spent some time getting ready for the coming months and I’ll be sharing some things we’ve done next week! Our ladies are laying between 7-10 eggs a day! And aren’t they just beautiful!? So proud of my girls! 🐓❤️

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

This Week at the Farm: Birthdays and Bonfires

So many fun things coming up in October! And I’m really looking forward to a weekend of relaxing and spending time with some family and friends enjoying the farm and celebrating life! I hope you have a wonderful kick off to this lovely month too!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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