This Week at the Farm: Breathe

Hi there!

I’ve missed you on here this week and I hope this finds you well! It’s been kind of a crazy week, which is something we can all attest to I’m sure. Between the time change, covid, the election, and general busyness of the impending holiday season this week at the farm has been all about remembering to breathe.

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Everyone experiences and processes the stress that comes with these events differently. Personally, I’ve been trying to practice some self care by making sure I’m eating well and drinking lots of water so my immune system doesn’t become compromised.

I’ve also tried to stay busy and focused on other things. So I was happy to be able to get out and photograph a couple houses this week for a friend of mine who’s a realtor. However, I don’t think it was a coincidence that I ended up getting my first migraine in months yesterday either. It’s lingering today, but I’m pushing through because I have so much to do and share coming up! So big inhale and exhale and then let’s catch up 😉

This Week at the Farm: Breathe

Our Little Pumpkins

Our little pumpkins love to eat pumpkins! I’ll be sharing about separating our sheep and some information on their breeding season soon! Don’t worry it will include lots more sheep pictures! 😉 We could all use more sheep pics in our lives right now, right?

Farm Babes

All our other farm babes seem to be enjoying this cooler season too. Our sweet Luna hasn’t showed back up yet but we’re still hopeful she will. I caught Archie and Raven giving a little Halloween smooch though 🙂

This Week at the Farm: Breathe

Farmhouse Progress

We did get the light installed in the bedroom! I’ll share more on it soon and how I finally faced my fears of electrical stuff! Lol!

You can find the light I chose HERE!

This was a week of researching, and tracking down products to finish up our farmhouse bedroom! I found a solution to the baseboard gap, and we bought a new belt sander to finish the edges. I’ll explain more about those things soon! I’ve also done the footwork for you and rounded up all kinds of farmhouse bedroom furniture and decor that I can’t wait to share as I bring this room together!

What’s Coming Up

This afternoon I’m hoping to finish sanding the floors edges and get this room sealed! Then I can fill the gap under the baseboards, and cut and attack the new quarter round. After that I’ll be adding window sashes, which I’m making myself this time, and refinishing the bedroom door and we’ll be ready to move in! I CANNOT wait!

Tractor SupplyNightstands, Fall Decor, and More

Also coming up I’ll be sharing a cool furniture flip I’m working on for our nightstands in this room! Sneak peek below 😉 And before I start ushering in the Christmas decor and DIY projects I have planned (yay!) I want to share one more Fall/Thanksgiving styling with y’all! Plus I’ll be doing a one year review of our kitchen appliances and sofa! All this and more coming up friends! I hope you’re as excited as me! 😉

This Week at the Farm: Breathe

This Week at the Farm: Breathe

This Week at the Farm: Breathe

Remember to take care of yourself right now, and please extend yourself and others some extra grace and kindness. We need more of that in the world. I hope my little corner of the internet can provide a welcome distraction to your day 🙂 I’ve been trying to share lots of the farm babes and peaceful country views on Instagram with the same hope. You can find me there @midcounty_journal 😉

Big deep breaths my friend. Sending so much love and light your way!

And thank you for stopping by the blog!


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