This Week at the Farm: Griffin and the Chicks

Hey there!

This week at the farm was all about Griffin and the chicks, but mostly Griffin. If you didn’t know we got our ram lamb on June 5th.

You can meet him HERE!

And our other Babydoll lambs HERE! 

Let me catch you up on what’s been going on here at the farm and then we’ll talk about what’s coming up!

Tractor SupplyThis Week at the Farm: Griffin and the Chicks

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What We’ve Been Up To


On June 6th we started noticing signs that he wasn’t doing so well. He began having scours (diarrhea). We assumed they were caused by stress of the move and his tummy adjusting to a new pasture. I do still think those things played a role in his issues.

We started giving him Nurtidrench to give his system a boost and combat dehydration. Of course I was worried sick and watched him like a hawk over the next couple of days. When he seemed to be getting worse I decided to take a stool sample to our vet. 

It turned out that he had a heavy load of parasitic worms. This was my worst fear after spending months researching and learning about sheep health and care. 

This Week at the Farm: Griffin and the Chicks

New Treatment

We decided to start a new deworming treatment regimen. As a new shepherd there’s so much information out there on deworming sheep and it varies by region, pasture, flock etc. Much of it is founded in opinion based on peoples experience so I believe that it’s up to the individual to figure out what works best for their sheep.

At this point I won’t be sharing our treatment plan (unless you specifically ask) because we’re still figuring out what works for us. But what I can say, which is all that matters right now, is that Griffin seems to finally have turned a corner! Hallelujah!

This has been a rough week on this farm mommas heart. And definitely not what I had envisioned his first week would be like here. The poor little guy was caught, poked, prodded, and hosed down daily. But I’ve never been so happy to see harder number two (or any other kind of number two) in my life than I was this morning opening that barn door! Lol!


So now that you’re all caught up with Mr. Griffin lets talk about the chicks! Ed an I made some real progress with the chicken coop this week. We got the chicks set up in a small room that’s part of the chicken coop. They seem to really be enjoying the space!

We also got a good start at building their run! I’ll be sharing a chicken coop progress update later this week! 

This Week at the Farm: Griffin and the Chicks

This Week at the Farm: Griffin and the Chicks

Everybody else on the farm is doing really well! We sure are enjoying this season of getting the farm babies situated! I’m also excited looking ahead to shifting our attention back inside the farmhouse!

We did finally get the new old doors finished and hung if you missed it you can see them HERE!

I’m ready to tackle our staircase and upstairs bedroom soon! Stay tuned! Hope y’all have a great week!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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