This Week at the Farm : Peaks and Valleys Part 2

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I hope you’re week is off to a great start! As I said in the last article farm life is full of peaks and valleys and sometimes it’s one directly following the other. Today I’m excited to talk about the peaks in This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2!

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Peaks of the Week!

Sooo after months of the staircase project being delayed I’m now really grateful it was! I ended up tracking down a complete set of old staircase parts, which includes a newel post, railing, and spindles! They’re extra special because they came out of a local 1800s farmhouse before it was torn down.

We went and looked at everything and Ed decided we could make them work! It’s going to be a HUGE challenge to make old staircase parts from a different old house fit in our old house, BUT if Ed says we can do it I believe him! 😉

Tractor SupplyMore Staircase Goodness to Come!

Later this week I’ll be sharing more details on the design plan for the staircase, as well as what this space looked like when we started. And we’ll be jumping back into it again this weekend! Eeek! I’m so excited to see this idea be brought to life!

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

More Peaks this Week

The other peak worth mentioning is that we went antiquing for the first time in so long I can’t even remember! Y’all know I love ALL the old things! But antiquing has always been a source of inspiration for me too. Before we bought the farm and life got super busy, and then the whole pandemic thing happened, I used to try and get out and window shop weekly.

Anyway that’s basically what we did, though I did snag a couple treasures along the way including the old photo pictured below 😉 I know it’s hard to see because of the reflection but it’s a women on a porch with sheep! When I saw it I knew it had to come home with us! I told Ed it’s me in 20 years! Lol!

Honestly though it was just so good to get out for a bit! And I didn’t realize how much I needed it!

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

When Valleys Make the Peaks Sweeter

The day after our sweet Louisa passed (you can read about her HERE) I took this picture as I was gathering the daily garden harvest for us and the chickens. Yep we’re always happy to share! 😉 I took it to remind myself how blessed I am. Sometimes the valleys help you recognize the peaks, no matter how small.

Our garden is definitely a peak in my days and so are the lovely ladies and gentleman pictured below! Going down the line from closest to furthest we have Amelia, Polly, Rosemary, Posie (Plymouth Rock hen), Cogburn our rooster (also a Plymouth Rock), Jolene, and Greta. And we have a handful of ladies not pictured too 😉

These guys bring so much joy to my day! I love seeing them free range around the property. They come when I call them, and what you see pictured is our evening “treat” routine 🙂

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

New Prints Available!

I also added some new downloadable photos to the shop including some of Louisa, and more of our darling sheep like the one at the top of this post! And I modified the checkout process to hopefully make it a bit easier!

You can check them out HERE!

As always the proceeds to directly to our farmhouse restoration and are so very appreciated!

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

I hope your week is off to a great start! I have a lot to share with you over the next couple of weeks that I’m really excited about! Including another really easy garden fresh recipe tomorrow, a chair deconstruction, and a sheep update! Sometimes it’s hard to wrap up a whole week in a single update post! I always feel like I leave things out and I want y’all in the loop! What would you think of bi-weekly farm updates?

Anyway I’ll talk to you soon! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

This Week at the Farm: Peaks and Valleys Part 2

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