This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Impact

Hey there!

I skipped lasts week’s farm update because I basically overshared what we’ve been up to! Lol! It was all about the chicken coop! I’m still amazed by how far it’s come!

If you missed our progress you can see HERE!

But this week at the farm:  we tackled some small tasks have led to big impact on our day to day lives!

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What We’ve Been Up To

You know when you work on something or do some renovation there always seems to be some little things that don’t get done right away. Either they aren’t really important or “you’ll get to that little stuff later”. And then later becomes a long time and the list of little things becomes a whole weekend of tasks? Lol! Well that’s basically what living on a fixer upper farm feels like all the time.

And since we’ve lived in a fixe upper before we know how important it is to actually set aside time to tie up those loose ends before moving on too far from them. Plus honestly they’re usually the ones that make life a little easier!

This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Impact

The Small Things

Some of those small tasks included adding new latches to doors and gates. Now they can be held open easier and buttoned up at night more efficiently! Adding a concrete step in front of the chicken coop doors, which means I don’t have to hoist myself up in there anymore!

We also built a gate on the inside of the barn stable that can be swung out to make a smaller enclosure for when I need to catch the sheep to administer medication, trim hooves etc. And Ed added a roosting perch to the chicken coop because our ladies and rooster no longer fit on a single one! They’re getting so big! I also built an easy DIY compost bin I’ll be sharing with ya late this week!

This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Impact

The Cleanup Continues

We also made a ton of visible progress on operation property cleanup! Haha! I say visible because the reality is we’ve been chipping away at cleaning up this area for awhile now but you can finally tell! We’ve cleaned up about 20 – 5 gallon buckets of junk and trash from this area! And this past weekend we removed all the overgrowth, which included about 20 small trees!

It looks SO much better and bigger now! And I love that you can really see the beautiful massive ash tree too! We have some fun plans for this area down the road! We’re also hoping to move and repurpose this giant concrete well cover soon. After that we’ll have a load of dirt brought in and create a seating/bbq area! Yay for outdoor living!

This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Change

Prints and Sheep

I also want to thank you so much for your encouragement and support with our new online shop, Midcounty Market, here on the blog! It truly means SO much to me! Below is the print ‘Griffin Sweet Smile’ in full color that I have styled here on our peg rail shelf! I love how much color and life it adds! Plus look at the cutie smile! I’ll be adding prints and other products/merch soon too!

You can check out all the available downloadable prints here! 

You can also find all the details on our wallpaper mural HERE!

What’s Coming Up

This week (depending on the whether) I plan to work on the chicken coop windows and start on our upstairs bedroom! I’ve also been on the hunt for staircase parts so we can get our open staircase project going again! We’ll be using a combination of old and new components, which is my favorite way to renovate! I’m so excited to see it come together!

This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Impact

This Week at the Farm: Small Tasks Big Impact

It’s been a good week at the farm and I’m excited about what’s to come! I hope your week is off to a great start and that this email finds you and yours healthy and happy as well! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Much love,

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