This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

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Let’s catch ya up on on the things This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime and let me fill you in on what’s coming up too! 

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What We’ve Been Up To

We started to add the new roofing onto the chicken coop. We ended up getting a late start on it because we actually had planned on getting the perimeter of the run secured at the bottom but couldn’t find the lumber we needed anyway due to distributing issues caused by the virus. This was the second week having this issue. Last week I had to drive an hour to get my hands on the chicken wire. 

Hopefully what we need will be back in stock and we can track some down soon! Until then this makeshift perimeter will do temporarily. 

You can see our progress so far and those crazy before pictures HERE!

This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

Our Ram Lamb 

We got our ram lamb 2 weeks ago and he’s been very sick starting on the second day we got him. I shared what was going on the first week HERE, but last week he seemed to be getting better but then regressed again. So we got him started on some probiotics and I think he’s finally healing and feeling better! Poor sweet guy, right?! It’s been a stressful and scary couple of weeks for this farm momma too!

If you haven’t met our sweet Griffin you can meet him HERE! 

This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

Sweet Summertime 

We welcomed summer here at the farm with a sink full of wild tiger lilies! I love summer! The world is so full of life and y’all know I love being out in it! What’s your favorite season? 

In case you missed it we did finally get our new old front doors refinished and hung!

You can find the storm door HERE!

And you can find our front door pictured behind the flowers 😉 HERE! Ps it was original to the house!

This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

What’s Coming Up

We plan to hopefully continue progress on the chicken coop once we find what we need. Then we’ll be continuing with property and out building cleanup, but also shifting focus back inside the farmhouse!

Tractor SupplyClean Living 

Y’all know I’ve been sharing some about my health journey as far as my diet and fitness routine goes. But I want to start sharing more healthy meal ideas with you as well as other ways I’m “cleaning” up our lifestyle. I’ve been gradually eliminating our chemical exposure a little at a time and leaning into a more natural solution lifestyle. One thing I’ve changed that I’ll be sharing with you this week is my skincare. 


I’ll also be sharing more about our homesteading plans soon! This is something I’ve become very passionate about researching lately! I would love for us to be more self-sufficient!


I’m also working hard on some fun things here on the blog that you’ll have access to soon! Eeeek I can’t wait!! 


This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

This Week at the Farm: Sweet Summertime

I hope you enjoyed this little update from the farm and that your week is off to a great start! I can’t wait for more summertime fun! Also you can follow me on Instagram for daily behind the scenes action at midcounty_journal and if you like my images be sure and Pin them for later! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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