This Week at the Farm: Wrapped Up Some Projects

Hey there!

This week at the farm was good y’all! We wrapped up some projects and started a new one! First let me catch ya up on anything you may have missed and then we’ll talk about what’s coming up!

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What We’ve Been Up To

Tractor SupplyNew Farm Babe!

It was an extra exciting week at the farm! We brought our ram lamb, Griffin home on Friday! He’s fitting right in here at the farm!

You can meet and learn about Griffin HERE!

Pasture Fencing 

We also finally finished the pasture fencing! I got it painted and Ed cut the tops off the fence posts! Whoo hoo! I’m excited to share it with you soon!

This Week at the Farm: Wrapped Up Some Projects

New Old Front Door

We finally got both the front doors finished and hung!! All I can say is they were worth the wait! You can see the new old storm door below! But the other door we found in the barn and it is an original exterior door to the farmhouse! We stripped it and gave it new life! The doors completely changed the way the farmhouse looks inside and out! I’ll be sharing all the details of both with ya this week!

This Week at the Farm: Wrapped Up Some Projects

Chicken Coop

June will probably be deemed chicken month haha! We started working on our old awesome (and huge!) chicken coop this past weekend! I’ll be giving weekly progress updates because it needs a lot of love and it would be too much to share in one post. Plus I hope you’re like me and want to see the process of things being renovated/restored not just the finished product! So stay tuned for that because she’s already looking a lot better aka cleaner lol! 



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This Week at the Farm: Wrapped Up Some Projects

This Week at the Farm: Wrapped Up Some Projects

I know this has been an emotional time for everyone and I hope that visiting the farm and sharing in it’s joy and beauty brings you some peace and purposeful distraction. So much goodness to come! Much love my friend!

And as always thank you SO much for stopping by!

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