This Week at the Farm

Hi there!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I took a little much needed break and feel quite refreshed! But I also missed y’all!

I’m going to be trying something different going into this year. Weekly Farm Updates will only be sent out to subscribers and will not be permanent posts on the blog. I love the idea of getting more personal and giving a quick update of what’s going on and coming up, but also feel that after the fact they don’t make much sense to anyone who might stumble across on the blog itself 😉 So each week I’ll send one out and it will be posted until the following week when the new one will replace it.

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A New Year!

I love the feeling of a new year and the hope that comes with it! And I was especially happy to see 2020 go lol! Typically I do a whole New Year resolution or ‘word of the year’ post, but this year just didn’t call for that. Not that I don’t have any goals written down for different aspects of my life. I’ll just be presenting them differently this year.

I’ll do this as I share much more about my (and Ed’s) health journey, projects/renovations, the garden, farm babes and farm life. I’ll be sharing them as I work on, practice, and cross them off 🙂 We have so many fun things to look forward to this year and we hope you’ll enjoy them all with us!

Let’s Catch Up!

We finally rented a dumpster to go through all the outbuildings! I’ll be sharing the progress we made along with some cool things we found soon!

Doors and Windows

I finally figured out how I’ll be refinishing all of our interior doors! I used a door in our living room to experiment on and LOVE the outcome! I can’t wait to share it along with an awesome window discovery I made!


We’ll be starting to install our new kitchen flooring this weekend! I’ll be sharing what we chose and our plans for it tomorrow!

Upstairs Loft

I also started working on the next upstairs bedroom, which we refer to as the loft for now. I’ll continue to work on it on the side of the flooring project and I’ll be sharing that room soon too!


Yep you read that right! After months of researching livestock guardian animals and deciding what would be the best fit for our farm I put a deposit on a Great Pyrenees puppy this week! We’ll be welcoming him to our farm family at the end of February! A dedicated post about him, the breed, and LGDs coming soon!

This Week at the Farm

And that about sums up this week at the farm! I truly hope your new year is off to an awesome start and I’m so grateful to have you here along with this next leg of our journey! So much love from us and the farm babes!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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