Transitioning to Fall Decor

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I know most people love jumping from one season to the next when decorating their home. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (you do you!) I really love taking my time and savoring the transition. So let’s talk about transitioning to Fall decor!

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Transitioning to Fall Decor

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The Seasons Between Seasons

Some of my favorite times of the year are the ones that seem to be caught between seasons. Like right now! When you start noticing subtle changes happening in nature. Cooler mornings, walnuts starting to fall, the sun setting earlier etc.

Tractor SupplyTransitioning Gradually

So instead of pulling out all the faux pumpkins and fall florals in one single swoop I like to follow what nature is doing outside. Why? Really for a number of reasons. For one it just feels more natural for the inside of our home to match what’s happening outside. We won’t have changing leaves and pumpkins here in the midwest for awhile yet!

Plus I enjoy styling and restyling. Not that I couldn’t switch up and move pumpkins around. But being able to gradually layer and bring in more Fall elements gives me a lot more time to enjoy them and create a completely different looks along the way. This way by November I’m not completely sick of everything because it’s all been out for months. Does that make sense?

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Easin Into the Season

So here are some ways I’m transitioning to Fall decor this year!

I like to think about all the things that come to mind when I think about Fall: warm/moody colors, leaves, plaid, snuggly blankets, pumpkins, cozy candle scents, hayrides, baking, harvest, and so on. Then, I start thinking of ways I can bring in just a few items related to them to start making that transition.

Layering Texture

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but texture is one of my favorite design elements. I like to keep things very simple while adding layers of interest. Our peg rail shelves are a great example of this and one of my favorite places to style! Our wallpaper creates a bold but also neutral backdrop for them. Then I can easily switch out a couple items and create a completely different and functional look.

You can find our wallpaper HERE!

And you can find how I built these easy DIY shelves HERE!

Amber Bottles

One of those items I’ve chosen to start making the transition to Fall with are vintage amber bottles. If you don’t have or can’t find any I’ll link a few that are great options below! Adding a couple of bottles in each room instantly created a more cozy vibe.

It also makes your home feel cohesive if you add some of the same elements in each room. I’ve sprinkled them throughout the farmhouse including adding one to each side of the shelf and two as a coffee table centerpiece. You can see how that instantly ties the two rooms together!

Amber Bottles Linked HERE!


I also use baskets year round. Again they’re such an easy way to add texture! But adding a couple of darker toned ones lends to the moody tones of Fall. In this space I added one on the peg shelf and one that anchors the coffee table centerpiece. This also created more layered texture!

Green Books

To add some more of those moody warm tones I also brought out some vintage green books. I use green books year round, but when paired with the warm amber bottles they lend to the Fall feel. They’re great for adding interest, texture, and height to other items.


Shop your yard! Florals don’t have to break the bank! I’ve learned after years of acquiring a whole closet of faux florals! Lol! I still love my faux, but nothing beats the real deal! And bringing in things that are naturally growing outside is a GREAT way to make the transition with the seasons instead of ahead of them!

I added some dried herbs from our garden and a couple jars of pumpkin seeds that I dried onto the peg shelf. Then I picked some weeds from our ditch for the coffee table centerpiece. Tada! Free greenery!

**Tip – Always add water to whatever container you’re putting your florals in whether they are real or faux!

Coffee table details HERE!

Baking Elements

Fall is baking season in our house! So in the kitchen I brought out some baking supplies that double as decor! On our butcher block I added a crock with some of my vintage rolling pin collection in it next to a jar of sugar. I also added a vintage flour sifter and gravy boat to the peg rail shelf.

Butcher Block Details HERE!

Fall Scent

Scent is a powerful thing! My FAVORITE candle to welcome and transition to the new season with is Autumn Leaves by Antique Candle Co. But they have SO many good ones!

You can check them out HERE! 

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Transitioning to Fall Decor

I hope this shows that you don’t have to rush and change out all the decor in your home to welcome a new season! I love the saying, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” 🙂 And that is exactly how I like to transition our seasonal decor! I’ll share as I add more in so you can see the transition! Who’s ready for Fall this year?

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Product Links

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