Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

Happy Fall!

I’m excited to share all about using dried Florals for Fall decor! I fell in love with dried florals a couple of years ago around the holidays. I bought this beautiful dried sage wreath from an antique store (it’s currently hung above our oven) and that was it! I was hooked!

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Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

Why Dried Florals

After that first wreath I ended up purchasing a couple of live/preserved bay leaf wreaths and garlands too. Why do I love them so much? There are several reasons!

First of all I love the fact they’re real! Of course I still have and use faux florals too, and they’re awesome but nothing beats the real thing! They also smell wonderful! If you’ve ever had any preserved florals then you know what I mean! And also they last a really long time!

I still have all of the wreaths and florals I bought 2 years ago! As long as you keep them from getting smashed and store them safely then I think they’ll last a really long time! I view dried florals as the perfect combination of having the look of real stems and greenery AND the longevity of faux!

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

The Blaithin Blair Shop

All of these dried florals I’ll be using this Fall came from The Blaithin Blair Shop and they’re AMAZING!

You can find The Blaithin Blair Shop website HERE!

And The Blaithin Blair Shop Etsy shop HERE!

I’m also linking each of the dried florals I used for this particular arrangement in the photos below! The images belong to The Blaithin Blair Shop.

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor  Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor  Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor


Arranging the Dried Florals

This Fall arrangement was SO fun to create! I also always find it really calming and therapeutic 🙂 You can watch a quick video of me creating the arrangement below!

Dried Floral Arrangement

I used these 4 dried florals in this arrangement, but I actually have a few more I’ll incorporating and swapping out in the coming weeks to show several different stylings using them! Some will be here on the coffee table and some will be on a dining tablescape!

However, for this first one I decided to keep things really simple with a big single centerpiece that really focuses on the their beauty. I love vintage crocks and have quite the collection of 30+ of them at this point! Ed calls me the crazy crock lady lol! Crocks are very versatile, functional, and add the perfect touch of vintage charm! And I’ll definitely be using more of them this season!

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

Using Dried Florals for Fall Decor

I can’t wait to create and share more Fall looks using these dried florals! They’re such a great way to bring the beauty of Fall nature into your home, no matter where you live! Plus the whole farmhouse smells awesome because of them! So there’s that too! 😉 I hope your Fall season is off to a great start!

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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