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Using Old Architectural Elements in Decor

Hi there!

So this is one of those things where when I told Ed what I wanted to do with the old piece of molding I found at a local vintage shop he thought I was nuts. “What will you do with it he asked?”, he asked. And when I told him I was going to hang it on the wall as decor he gave me a funny look. After I hung it and stood back all happy and proud he said he wasn’t sure about it but lucky for him I was 😉 It only makes sense to me to reuse or repurpose architectural elements in decor because they are from old houses and I love old houses. Not only do I love old houses but some of these architectural details are exactly why I love them. They are what give them character 🙂

It began with old windows but then I came across that old piece of molding I mentioned and it really soaked the idea to purposely seek out these types of things as decor. The door that’s tucked behind our house is one from my parents old farmhouse and I’m pretty obsessed with it. So to balance it’s reflective quality I hung the window on the other side and later came across the pics of molding that I hung above it. I also placed an old window on our coffee table to anchor the center piece and I love how it turned out. That I heard Ed laughing as he came in and he said windows are popping up everywhere haha!


Looking Around the Room

I found these old shutters at a local vintage shop and painted them white. I knew as soon as I saw them they would be the perfect size to flank the doorway 🙂 The magnolia wreaths are from Hobby Lobby and I love their dark rich green color!

The old ceiling tile that’s above the doorway was from a junk festival and I like that it brings a different tone of white plus a little chippy rusty texture up there 😉





The Old Molding

See that old piece of molding above the door? That’s the one that made Ed scratch his head lol! But I’m loving it up there next to some of our own old house’s architectural features, the chimney I exposed 🙂 You can see the chimney diy article HERE.


This article is about lots of things that are vintage but I’ll try and link some of the ones that aren’t for ya right here.

My vintage finds always end up being my favorite. I think it’s because they’re unique, which makes them special. My rule of thumb has basically become if it’s white, chippy, and old I can find a place for it somewhere (especially if it’s architectural salvage haha!) 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog I truly appreciate it!







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