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Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink 


Hey there!

One thing I always knew I wanted when we remodeled our kitchen was a vintage washboard kitchen sink. I really wanted one with a tall backboard too, but with the placement of the window I let that one go, next house right? Lol! Anyway I tracked this vintage sink down on the Facebook Marketplace, I know you’re really surprised by that 😉 and got it for $100. It was still on it’s original metal cabinet inside an old home someone was redoing. It also happened to be in great condition! Yay for us!

More About the Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

If you’re looking for one make sure that it will fit not only length wise but depth too! I found that they definitely come in all sizes. Also try to look into faucets BEFORE you purchase! Trust me on this one, I learned the hard way! The fist sink I fell in love with and bought had the original faucet on it. We thought it was still useable but it turns out it wasn’t. I searched and searched for replacement faucets and the only ones I could find ran between $300-$400 which was way more than I was willing to pay. Anyway, like I said lesson learned, luckily I can just relist it on the Marketplace…. or use it for my potting shed next year 😉

About this Vintage Sink’s Faucet

So the sink we ended up using is actually a fairly common sink from the 50s. It’s faucet was yucky so we knew we’d be replacing it. However, it was a bit tricky because most faucets have a 6 inch center point and the holes that were already drilled in this sink measured 8 inches. This did narrow down the type of faucet that we could get but I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out!


Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink


New Vintage Sink New Vintage Looking Faucet 

I chose a faucet where the base of it would cover the pre-existing holes. It was the easiest solution for sure. I actually love this faucet because it looks almost identical to the one my great grandparents had in their old farmhouse 🙂 The neck on this faucet swivels and I love the sprayer! It’s the little things, right? You can find the exact faucet I chose below 🙂  

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink Beauty Meets Function 

It’s amazing how much this sink impacted the kitchen. I told Ed I think it ties with the countertops! See what countertops we chose HERE!  Y’all know I’m nuts about vintage, but I was concerned what it would be like using one.

Two Sinks VS One

For one thing we went from having 2 sinks to having one. Well now I can’t imagine going back. We basically used our second sink for a dish drying rack and it always drove me nuts lol! Now we have 1 that’s much wider and deeper and feels all around more functional.

What About Washboards?

I also wondered about the washboards. I mean they’re HUGE! Which is why the sink does make such an impact in the space because it’s so massive! But I LOVE them! And I was surprised when Ed said how much he’s loving them too! They’re basically like a prep zone where you can easily slide off anything unwanted into the sink and garbage disposal. So handy!

Vintage Washboard Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen is Almost Done

When we got the faucet installed my vintage loving heart was happy! It turned out even better than I was hoping! As I scrubbed it all clean I couldn’t help but daydream about giving a squishy baby a bath in this vintage washboard kitchen sink some day and that made it even sweeter!

Take care y’all and thank so much for stopping by the blog today!


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