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Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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I’m excited to keep spilling the beans on our kitchen renovation! Today is all about our beautiful Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink from Vintage Tub & Bath! I’ll share what we chose, why we chose it, and what was used for installation, but let me know if you have any other questions!

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Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Finding the Perfect Kitchen Sink

When I was planning out our new kitchen floor plan there were limited places for us to put the sink. It was previously located in our center island, but we opted for more much needed workspace this time around. This wall was the best option. In the basement there’s plumbing evidence that a sink did reside here at some point too, which is cool 😉

Once we decided where it would go the hunt was on for the perfect sink! I was inspired by wall mount style sinks I’ve come across in images of kitchens from our homes era. I love the strong utilitarian character they add. Then it was a matter of finding the right size for the space.

Vintage Tub and Bath

We actually installed a vintage wall mount utility sink in a bathroom in our last home. We really enjoyed it. However, it can be difficult to find a vintage sink that’s a specific style and size, and also in good condition. Vintage pieces are notoriously more of a challenging to install too. Luckily my search led me to Vintage Tub & Bath and I’m incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with them! They offer a range of beautiful vintage inspired products for kitchens and baths!

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mounted Sink

Their awesome selection of sinks and faucets honestly made it hard to choose! But we ended up with the 30 inch cast iron hight back farm sink in white. The size and style are exactly what we wanted! They offer several colors, including a custom option. I chose the white exterior because I can always paint it if I want to, but white feels so classic. The sink is cast iron and coated in porcelain enamel. It’s heavy, and did I mention beautiful?! It came with wall mount brackets, but you could also install it in a base or put legs on it.

Linking the sink again HERE!

Wall Mounted Faucet

The faucet is another thing of beauty! I am mixing finishes throughout the house, but predominantly using chrome, black, and antique brass. I decided to stick with the same chrome finish for the entire sink, and this utility faucet with metal cross handles stole my heart! Those little porcelain “HOT” and “COLD”s are my favorite! Haha! The neck also swivels making it to easily reach anything in the sink. This style faucet also comes in rubbed bronze and brushed nickel.

Linking the faucet again HERE!

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


We purposefully installed it off center on the wall to leave room for access to the base cabinet. I also plan on hanging a hook for hand towels, and to sneak some type of storage beside the sink too. Another thing I’ve seen in old kitchen photos is a small metal shelf beside the wall mount sink. So that’s something I’m on the lookout for 😉 I’m also on the hunt for an antique shelf for above the sink for soap and other essential items. I may get a dish strainer to go in the bottom of half the sink as well.

As always Ed did an amazing job installing the sink! He mounted the bracket to the wall before we finished the beadboard walls.  Then he found and installed the chrome plumbing to make it all work. There are 2 parts to it and I’ll link them below.

You can find the first part, the Plumb Pak, HERE!

And the other part he used HERE!

Another important component is the strainer, which I’ll link HERE!

I don’t know much about the plumbing situation, but I’m happy to pass questions along to him if you have any 🙂

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

As far as dishes go I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to do them! Lol! This sink is everything I hoped it would be and more! I wanted each part of our kitchen to be special and this sink truly is! It really brings the “farmhouse” to our Victorian farmhouse kitchen. Finding Vintage Tub and Bath has made me extra excited for our bathroom and mudroom renovations too! We highly recommend them as a great product resource with excellent customer service too!

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