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We Got a New Puppy!

Hey there!

Long time no bloggie! Life has been crazy busy and I haven’t done a good enough job at keep you updated with everything! So I’m going to be working my tush off over the next couple weeks to catch up and fill ya in starting with this fun article! We got a new puppy! Meet Scout! We adopted this sweet White German Shepherd a month ago and she’s completely stolen our hearts!

She was 4 months old when we brought her home. As you may or may not know we also have 2 other rescue dogs. Finn is our little 5 year old mix breed but he’s more of a goat disguised as a fox lol! And then our big guy Maverick who was our first fur babe together. He’s a 6 year old German Shepherd mix.

Mav can be particular about other dogs, but we really wanted a companion for him because he is also extremely social. We had been discussing it for over a year then enters Miss Scout Jo, who has fit into our family like a glove! It’s been amazing to watch them bond, and funny to watch her give him a run for his money! Lol!

I’ve wanted a White German Shepherd for as long as I can remember and after rescuing Mav I’m hooked on the breed! Of course being a dog lover I’d probably say that about any breed 😉 But she’s sweet and silly and it’s hard to remember life without her!

Hope you’re having an amazing day! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

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