We Got Chicks!

Hey there!

Just wanted to pop on and give ya quick update here at the farm! We got chicks!

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Our Chicks

I’ve raised lots of chicks before, but this was the first time I’ve ever ordered them online. We got them from Tractor Supply and they’re SO tiny! I forgot how tiny they are!! We wanted hens for eggs and also who were great foragers and mommas. The 10 pack we chose – seems weird to say it like that but that’s how they come – are are a mixture of breeds that meet those needs/wants. They seem to be doing well and I’ll keep you updated!

You can find the chicks we ordered HERE!

Ps Sorry for the blurry camera pics! I’ll take some better ones once everyone is more settled! 😉

We Got Chicks!

We Got Chicks!



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Feeling Like a Farm!

Lots more chick information and details to come! Feels like we went from a farmhouse to a farm overnight and I am loving every minute of it! And I’m so grateful to share these sweet babies and this journey with you! Have you ever raised chickens? If so what’s your favorite breeds?  I grew up with Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks so I’m partial to them 🙂

Hope you have a great day!

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