Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Hey there!

Yep this past week was just kind of a weird one! Haha! You ever have those? I’ll explain more with this weekly farm update: a weird week.

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Farm Update: Weird Week, Weirder Weekend

Last week was kind of weird for me because since we didn’t build the steps I couldn’t work on the bedroom. So I worked on getting us ready to make lots of staircase progress this past weekend. We also had people come and haul off a TON of stuff from our outbuildings over the weekend. So we were in and out a lot.

Then on Saturday evening we were BBQing and when our sweet neighbors drove by and accidentally hit our little dog Finn. It was a total freak accident and we definitely thought we’d lost him. He was just laying there. Then when Ed picked him up he regained consciousness! But he had a lot of blood in his mouth so I thought the worst. I told Ed just to comfort him while I called the vet.

After a few minutes we realized he had bitten his tongue! We rushed him to the vet and they kept him overnight to suture a cut on his leg and take Xrays. Somehow he ended up with some pretty bad road rash, the cut, and a fractured leg! He’s home resting and healing now! I think we’re all ready for a good night’s sleep tonight!

You can read more about this sweet little guy HERE!

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week


Obviously we didn’t make as much staircase progress as we’d hoped to, but we actually did get quite a bit done! And we’ll be making it up this week! I can’t wait to show you!

I’ll also be heading back upstairs this week to work on our bedroom renovation! I’ll be finishing scraping the windows. Then caulking and painting everything!

See the latest bedroom reno update HERE!

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Farm Babes

All the other farm babes are doing great! Knock on wood! Lol! Our sheep boys, Griffin and Theodore are pictured above and that sweet chickie is Pearl!

Also because of what happened with Finn we’ll be fencing in our entire property much sooner than originally planned!

What’s Coming Up

As I mentioned I’ll be working on our bedroom and sharing that with y’all later this week! And a staircase update too! I also will be sharing some Fall favs with ya this week including a little clothing haul! None of my clothes from last Fall/Winter fit me AT ALL sooo I ordered a couple things!

It’s also about time to discuss this health journey Ed and I have been on again! I’m down over 40l bs  and Ed going to weigh in and share what he’s been doing too! He’s down 50 lbs since we’ve made some lifestyle changes! I promise we’ll share soon!

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week

Also, yesterday I noticed my rose bushes are starting to bloom!

You can see how I planted them by our chicken run HERE!

Yep weird week y’all! But everyone’s okay and guess what? It’s a whole new week! 😉 I hope you have the best one! And thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

Weekly Farm Update: A Weird Week


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