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Can y’all believe in this weekly farm update we’re saying goodbye to October?! I feel like this month has FLOWN by and I haven’t really done many traditional Fall things yet! Well maybe a couple! Let’s catch up!

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Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October


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Goodbye October, Fall is Flying!

So I did finally bake a couple things and I shared one of the recipes last week. This time of the year can be a tricky one to eat healthy so this year I’m trying to get creative because I do really love to bake! The harvest granola bar recipe I shared last week didn’t make it till the weekend in our house lol! So that’s a win in my book!

I’m going to be changing up my basically non existent exercise routine with the season too. I can already tell I feel less active. I’ll be sharing a health journey update soon too!

You can find the recipe HERE if you missed it!


Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October

Farm Babes

The in the last farm update I shared that one of our black cats, Luna, has disappeared. She hasn’t come home yet but I’m still holding out hope she will someday. However, I also shared that we’ve had a coyote problem.

You can read the crazy details HERE!

Well the week I shared some of those experiences I shot one! I’ve never shot anything before, but it was right in our yard again and I didn’t hesitate. I happy to report I’ve only seen a couple since and they were far away. Hunting season for them is coming soon so hopefully they’ll be thinned out more and won’t be an issue for us. We do still plan on fencing in the property and eventually adding a livestock guardian dog to our family.

Until then I’ve been bringing our other kitties, Archie and Raven inside at night 🙂

Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October

Progress Upstairs!

I know you’re probably thinking it doesn’t look like it haha! But this was a before photo of the biggest room upstairs that we have used as storage. Last week I shared some progress I’d made with our bedroom floors.

You can see that article HERE!

We had decided to keep the floor sander for the entire week. So I ripped out all of the rest of the upstairs flooring and got the entire upstairs sanded! Whoo hoo! I cannot wait to share them with you later this week! It was a lot of work but 100% worth it! This week I’ll be finishing up the edges with an edge sander and then sealing them!

Tractor SupplyWhat’s Left in the Bedroom

In our bedroom I still have to seal the floors. Then figure out what to do about the baseboards where the quarter round goes because there’s a gap that’s bigger than standard quarter round.

I explained more about that HERE along with the paint details!

After that I can change the light fixture and move us in! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to have a real bedroom! Lol! And honestly a whole other floor that’ll be livable soon!

The Last Window

Ed also replaced the last window in the house that still needed to be replaced! It’s the one on the left in our kitchen. The previous owner had left in the barn. I’ll be adding window sashes to these 2 windows just like the ones I added in the living room to bring back that original character.

You can see the window sashes I added HERE!

The kitchen is SO much quieter now! We’re just starting on really trying to make the house more efficient. That seems crazy to say after a year of living here but really thus far it’s been about getting it to a livable manageable state. We’ll be adding some insulation behind this wall in the kitchen and a few other places in the house soon, as well as some other things to make it more efficient this winter. I’ll share more as it unfolds!

Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October

Weekly Farm Update What’s Coming Up

So after I get the bedroom squared away and we have some more places in the house that aren’t either being used as storage or under construction I’ll be shifting back downstairs. We’ll be removing the drywall from the wall pictured above to add insulation and also because there are a lot of issues with it. Then we can replace the window sills and moldings. Yay!

After that we’ll be able to move on to the kitchen flooring! I made the decision about our flooring awhile back and I’m excited to share what I’ve come up with!

Once the kitchen floors are done we’ll be able to set the newel post and finish the staircase. Then we can move on to the living room flooring.

Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October

Weekly Farm Update: Goodbye October

Saying goodbye to October makes me think that I’m not sure what the holidays will look like around here haha! Everything takes time and money and while I LOVE the holidays and really miss going all out decorating for them, and honestly just decorating in general cough cough lol, I think now is the time to stay focused on renovations. I’m playing the long game here guys! That doesn’t mean it won’t still be full of holiday cheer! I can play Christmas music while ripping out flooring and sipping eggnog right?

But seriously I’ll still be decorating, but I’m also going to keep the renovation train movin and I hope you’re on board! 😉

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

So much love!





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