Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

Hello there!

Welcome to this weekly farm update where I’ll share our progress inside and out! Plus we have lots of things to look forward to here at the farm!


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Finn Update!

Our little guy had an accident almost 2 weeks ago now but he’s doing great! He’s a little trooper! He can get around, what little we allow him to, surprisingly well on 3 legs! Finn has also been really soaking up all the extra attention and pampering! 😉 We have every hope he’ll make a full recovery in no time!

You can read about what happened to him here if you missed it!

Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

Progress Inside

I’ve been working my booty off in our upstairs bedroom this week! But to be 100% honest progress with all projects has slowed down quite a bit since I got hurt while painting the chicken coop over a month ago. I had piece of tin swing into my forearm while I was prepping the coop to be painted. It didn’t seem too bad so I continued to paint the coop for the next 3 hours or so and the tendinitis set in later that week.

So needless to say I’ve been resting it, icing it, stretching it and thank goodness for Panaway essential oil!! I have become a total believer in the power of EO! It’s helped with pain, stress/anxiety, sleep, allergies, and I just ordered some herb oils for cooking this holiday season too!

I’m linking my Young Living page here because they’re offering free shipping through the month of September! 


Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

Bedroom Progress

Anyway getting back to the progress that I HAVE made 😉 I got the window moldings stripped and the chimney exposed! I’ll be sharing a full post on exposing the chimney soon! But shew just when I thought this room couldn’t have any more character – it’s already wall-to-wall-to-ceiling as is the entire upstairs – the exposed brick comes swooping in and steals the show! 😉 It’s going to be so good y’all!

Ps If you’d like to see lots more behind the scenes action when it comes to renovation projects or all things farm life you definitely need to follow along on Instagram! I share there daily in my feed AND lots lots lots more in stories!

 You can find me HERE!

Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

Progress Outside

We’ve still continued to work outside getting the property and buildings cleaned up. In the last week we had someone haul off 6 trailers FULL of stuff! We’re nowhere near done unfortunately, but we’re starting to make a dent! Dumpster coming soon!

What’s Coming Up

This weekend we’re going to start tearing up the kitchen flooring so we can get the newel post set in place. It’s a project that I’m equal parts excited and nervous about! So wish us luck!

If you missed our flooring plans you can check them out HERE!

We may also be removing some of our kitchen cabinetry this weekend too, which I’m really excited about! Then after replacing the last kitchen window it will be on to building kitchen window moldings. And I’ll be continuing to work on our upstairs bedroom.

We also have some plans to make the farmhouse more efficient that will be addressed before the weather changes! And I have some BEAUTIFUL Fall florals I’ll be sharing with you soon too!! Stay tuned for SO many things!!

Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

Weekly Farm Update: Progress Inside and Out

I hope this weekly update finds you safe and well. I’m not going to lie, I’ve found it difficult to talk and write about “normal” things in the last couple of weeks because of all the things happening in our world. But then I’m also reminded of how blessed I am to be able to share them. I also hope our farm life offers you a bit of an escape during this times.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!

So much love!

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