What’s Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Hey there!

I wanted to give y’all a garden update and share what’s growing in our raised garden beds!

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Garden Dreaming

I LOVE gardening! We’ve always had small garden and I’ve always dreamed of a big one!  But this year my main goal was just to get a garden in! That’s it! Haha! I didn’t want to go too crazy or invest too much time and money into it this year because I wanted to get a better feel for our property and how I wanted to plan our homestead before committing too much.

I also knew my focus this year would need to be on the animals, the farmhouse, and starting this blogging business venture. And I’m reallllly glad I did, but let me tell ya it wasn’t easy to rein myself in! Lol! I’ll be sharing our big garden plans in a homestead series soon!

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Low Key Gardening

If you missed it I built these very easy and inexpensive garden beds!

You can see how HERE! 

And I highly recommend them! Then we made a trip to a local greenhouse and got some starter plants and planted them. Here’s what we planted:

  • grape tomatoes and cucumbers in the bed pictured below
  • tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes lol in the bed that’s clearly overflowing with them
  • sweet potatoes and a variety of peppers
  • strawberries, watermelon, a blackberry plant, and some basil, rosemary, and lavender

While I know some things pair better than others I just kind of winged it this year 😉 And hey it’s working out really well! Lol! We have lots of tomatoes appearing and have already picked and eaten several strawberries!

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Scout next to the cucumbers and grape tomatoes

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes

Tomato Cages

I know we have more tomato cages somewhere from our previous gardens but since the outbuildings are still a wreck I can’t find them! Haha! Common issue around here!

But we’re hoping to bring in a dumpster soon and go through all the things left behind from the previous owner! Until then I’ll make these 2 cages work or built a couple more bamboo supports like I did for the grape tomatoes and blackberry vine.

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Archie living his best garden life next to the herbs, blackberries, strawberries, and watermelon

Maintaining the Garden

I find raised beds to be fairly low maintenance. Clearly I need to do some weed trimming around the beds and weed pulling in them (probably should have done that before I took these photos lol oh well real life!) but aside from that weekly upkeep I simply water them every evening.

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Peppers and sweet potatoes

What's Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

What’s Growing in Our Raised Garden Beds

Now that we have things more settled with the farm babes I’m excited to have a bit more time to dedicate to and enjoy the garden! There’s nothing like growing your own food! I hope you enjoyed this little garden tour! Do you have a garden or ever thought about planting one?

Have a great day! And thanks so much for stopping by the blog today!

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